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Tom Tuohy

Tom Tuohy is an attorney, author, professor, and founder of Tuohy Law Offices and Dreams for Kids, Inc.

Tom founded Tuohy Law Offices in 1982 and has provided over 5,000 Illinois Living Trust estate plans for clients. Concentrating in Living Trusts and Estate Planning, Small Business, and Personal Injury, Tuohy Law Offices has served the legal needs of over 14,000 individuals.

The son of a single parent, Tom founded the nonprofit Dreams for Kids, Inc. in 1989, to provide essential workplace development skills, instill an entrepreneurial mindset, and inspire youth to become socially engaged. Having served over 100,000 youth in 2022, the organization expanded and opened a downtown campus for GCE Lab School and Learning Center. With Chicago as their classroom, students apply real-world learning experiences to build enterprises that impact their communities and respond to the world’s most significant challenges. In 2024, the school transitioned from a brick-and-mortar to an online learning model, offering financial literacy and investment boot camps.

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Topics Covered

Tom has a wealth of experience across a range of sectors

Social Entrepreneurship

Applying innovative, market-based, solutions to society’s most pressing social issues.


Living a fulfilled life. Making an impact in your community and the world. Leaving a lasting legacy.

Service Leadership

Leading with integrity, purpose, and generosity.

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Tom’s Work

Legacy Building and Preservation

My goal in classrooms, seminars, podcasts, and my law office is to create learning opportunities for students, clients, and the public. The focus is on legacy building and preservation.

Whether it is in our family legacy, community impact, or personal growth, we can leave an enduring impact.

We can accomplish it through our children, business, and community involvement.  It takes purpose, planning, and strategy.

When it is realized, we are rewarded with fulfillment and gifts that keep on giving.

Entrepreneurship and Community

Tom founded Dreams for Kids (DFK) in 1989 at the request of his mother, Patricia. Having reached over 100,000 youth today, in 2022, DFK opened a Campus for GCE Lab School and Learning Center in downtown Chicago’s heart.  With the city as their classroom, students create business solutions to help solve social issues while learning entrepreneurship and contemporary job skills. In 2024, the school transitioned to an online learning model, focusing on financial literacy and investments.

Dreams for Kids was recognized by Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management KIN Global as its featured, innovative nonprofit.

Protecting Families Valued Assets

Founded Tuohy Law Offices in 1982. Served as Special Assistant Attorney General of Illinois (84-­88). Awarded the Prestigious Highest Rating (AV) for Legal Skill and Competence for 38 consecutive years by the premier attorney rating service of Martindale Hubbell. Recognized in the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

Tom has provided over 5,500 Illinois Living Trust estate plans for clients’ families and represented hundreds of small business owners.

Dreams for Kids

Changing the World…One Person at a Time

“Dreams for Kids is a remarkable work…a story of courage and fear…about strategies for living everyday life with compassion, acceptance and love. One person can truly make a difference and change lives—even their own—by reaching out to those in need.”

— John Kemp, Past President, US International Council on Disabilities, 1991 Horatio Alger Distinguished American

“Dreams for Kids is more than a book. It is a compelling yet practical vision for how to live and change the world. you will be inspired and empowered...and it will change your life."

— Robert Wolcott, Ph.D. Founder & Executive Director, The World Innovation Network (TWIN), Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Tom Tuohy’s Blog

Reflections on Life, Service and Legacy

When You Hate, We All Lose

By / Tom Tuohy / September 5, 2020

I have lived long enough to see how this plays out. Hatred is never a winning hand. ...

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Grateful for Being in the Eye of the Storm

By / Tom Tuohy / August 28, 2020

Recently, my friend, Anna Catalano, hosted a Zoom Happy Hour. Like the rest, Anna was mis...

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Replace Hate

How Do We End the Hate?

By / Tom Tuohy / January 21, 2019

“We must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from ...

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“Tom Tuohy’s unforgettable closing address at the renowned Maui Writer’s Conference in 2006 inspired me beyond words. Having worked with Tom on several projects in support of his wonderful Dreams for Kids organization since, I can only say that my initial stellar impression of the man has only increased. There are a handful of people you meet in life who you know will make a profound impact on the world, and Tom is one of them. His work to empower young people of all abilities to fulfill their God-given potential is going to change the world for the better. As a former fighter pilot, I’ll put it this way: Tom Tuohy is one of the very few men I would fly and fight for . . . to the death, if the mission required it. I’m honored to know Tom as a friend, and proud to give him the very highest possible recommendation.”


Director, United States Parachute Association


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